Maki Ishii – The Book

Sounds of West – Sounds of East: Maki Ishii's Music

Ishii 1997 Bookcover

Sounds of West – Sounds of East
Maki Ishii's Music
—Striding two Musical Worlds—

Editor´╝ÜChrista Ishii-Meinecke

Year: 1997

Text: trilingual english/japanese/german

Format: hard cover, 279 pages

Publisher: Moeck Musikinstrumente und Verlag (Germany)
ISBN-10: 3-87549-053-3
ISBN-13: 978-3-87549-053-4
Publisher (Japan, Asian countries, Australia): Ongaku No Tomo Sha (Japan)
ISBN-10: 4-276-13273-8
ISBN-13: 978-4-276-13273-3


«This book contains—next to an article by myself—reflections and essays written by seven experts about my music. Though for me the experience of reading texts about my own music was somewhat awkward, I have to admit that I felt a kind of intellectual excitement when I stumbled upon passages where certain "sounds", which I shaped merely through a process of thoughts, inspiration and intuition, were reproduced exactly with "words". Also once in a while I also found analyses which appeared erroneous, but these might as well point to situational entities in deeper layers of my music which are outside my schemes of thought.

«The authors analyse in their texts many of my compositions, from the earliest to the newer ones, from different perspectives. Taken together they reveal an combined image of the "music of Maki Ishii". For me personally though this remains a "world of sounds" which in form of a process has already passed on.»

(Maki Ishii, trans. K. Ishii)


"Sounds of West – Sounds of East"

—Striding two Musical Worlds—

Maki Ishii

Maki Ishii

—The Synthesis of Multi-Layered Time—

Kōji Sano

A Musical Cosmos of Integration

—Notes on the Compositional Work of Maki Ishii—

Wolfgang Burde

Anagrams across Sound Layers


Keisaburō Maruyama

Reverberations between East and West

—Observations on Maki Ishii's Composition "Fū Shi"—

Takashi Funayama

Halting Time

—The Composer Maki Ishii—

Lothar Mattner


—The Emotional Aesthetic of Japanese Drums and Maki Ishii's "Non-Musical Time"—

Kuniharu Akiyama

Iconology of Sounds

—Maki Ishii's Music and the Spatial Concept of Japanese Traditional Music—

Toshiro Kido


Maki Ishii


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