Cidelo Ihos

  • Japanese: シデロイホス
  • Greek for "sound of metal" (ΣΙΔΕΡΟ ΗΧΟΣ)


"Cidelo Ihos" is the name of a number of instruments which were co-created by the metal artist Kazuo HARADA (原田和男) and the percussionist Yasunori YAMAGUCHI (山口恭範).

These instruments are used in a few works written by the japanese composer Maki Ishii:


The instruments' list (organico strumentale) calls for

  • one "cidelo ihos/quadrate" for percussion group 1
  • one "cidelo ihos/hexagonal" for percussion group 3
  • one "cidelo ihos/quadrate" for percussion group 6

Remarks: a) The "hexagonal" appears to be a mistake for "octagonal". Also we are confident that one of the "quadrate" can be exchanged with the longer "octagonal" one.


The instruments' list (organico strumentale) calls for

  • one "cidelo ihos" (to be put on top of a timpani)
  • one "contra (大) cidelo ihos" (大 stand for 'big', 'large')
  • one "satellit-cidelo ihos"

Remarks: We currently know of no conclusive assignment of these three to the ones pictured below. If we had to guess, we would suggest to use the rectangle one on top of the timpani, the longer octagonal one as "contra", and the equilateral octagonal Cidelo as "satellit". But the performer may find a different setting preferable.


Click onto the thumbnails to open a large version of the pictures.

octo1_side.jpg octo1_top.jpg

Equilateral octagonal Cidelo Ihos.

(Foto: Kei Ishii)

octo2_side.jpg octo2_top.jpg

Octagonal Cidelo Ihos

(Foto: Kei Ishii)

rect_side.jpg rect_top.jpg

Rectangular Cidelo Ihos

(Foto: Kei Ishii)

  Cidelo Ihos

Three Cidelo Ihos

(Source: [1]).


[1] japanese; last accessed 2009-02-28)
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