Maki IshiiSounds poem "Kumano Fudaraku" (1980)

Title Sounds poem "Kumano Fudaraku" (for voice (gidayu), marimba, percussion, and electronic sounds)
Title (german) Klanggedicht "Kumano Fudaraku" (Klangdichtung für Stimme (Gidayū), Marimba, Schlagz. und Tonband)
Title (japanese) 音響詩 「熊野補陀落」 ( 声(義太夫)、マリンバ、打楽器、電子音響のための)
Opus 042
Year 1980
Premiere 1980: NHK-Production Tokyo
Category Chamber
Duration 23m
Instruments vo, mba, perc, elec-sounds

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