Maki IshiiRyū Kyō (1988)

Title Ryū Kyō (symphonic festival music based on the Gujō-Odori for Gujō-odori, ryūteki, japanese drums, 7 european instruments and a group of)
Title (german) Ryū Kyō (Sinfonische Festmusik nach Gujō-Odori für Gujō-Odori, Ryūteki, japan. Trommeln, 7 europ. Instrumente und eine Gruppe japan. Ins)
Title (japanese) 流響 (横笛、和太鼓、室内アンサンブル、声(正調郡上おどりほか)、踊り(郡上おどり))
Opus 078
Year 1988
Premiere 1988-07-02: Gujō Hachiman (Japan): Sōgō Bunka Center
Category Stage
Duration 50m
Instruments j-dance, j-drums, ch-ens, vo, eur-ins, j-ins

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