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This website is maintained by the family of the composer Maki Ishii. It is our intention to present here all available information, documents and other contents which depict the life and work of Maki Ishii and to make it accessible to a broad public.

The image on the top left side of each webpage is an illustration made by Hiroshi Tanabe and appeared initially in the "New Yorker" Magazine, in the February/March 1999 issue.



For any inquiries, suggestions or other comments, please send a message with an expressive "subject:"-line (to distinguish it from spam mail) to

maki [AT] ishii [dot] de

We will strive to give a quick answer.


Old News

20 August 2006

This website has been completely redesigned. It currently contains an artistic profile of the composer and a list of all works by Maki Ishii.

In the near future we will offer a discography, a list of unusual instruments used in the compositions, and original manuscripts of unpublished works which can be downloaded for free.

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